Agile & DevSecOps

Agility is the path to business results and investment with an emphasis on security
At Appteon, we deliver digital services that leverage the latest industry best practices and guidelines to improve an organization’s digital strategy. Our agile process fosters enhanced communication and collaboration with constituents and with industry and agency personnel, further driving transparency, collaboration, and ensures the customer gets a product they want.

Agile Framework

The Agile Framework improves an organization’s efficiency and transparency. Appteon’s utilization of the Agile Framework guarantees that projects are manageable, flexible, swift, efficient and accurate.


SAFe is an Agile methodology more focused on guiding enterprises in scaling lean and Agile practices. In specific, SAFe utilizes the best practices of Agile software development, lean product development, and systems thinking.


Appteon’s hybrid approach accepts the fluidity of projects and allow for a more nimble and nuanced approach to the work.


Appteon has deployed high quality software and supported multiple organizations where we implemented an Appian BPMS cloud environment and designed and implemented an AWS Cloud Big Data platform. Our staff are trained on Agile SAFe and Kanban practices while being well-versed in object-oriented and mobile programming languages. We have performed work at every level of software design and development, guaranteeing an integrated, holistic solution.


DevSecOps is a shorthand term for development, security, and operations. It integrates these three concepts to ensure everyone is thinking of the project in a holistic approach, with the objective of implementing security decisions and actions at the same scale and speed as development and operations decisions and actions.


  • Analysis – Identify code vulnerabilities early in the development cycle
  • Compliance – Build code that can be audited at any time and be fully compliant to standards set by individual agencies
  • Vulnerability Assessment & Resolution
  • Threat Investigation
  • Training – Training is integral to DevSecOps and all software engineers are trained to design with security framework including code reviews, unit testing etc.


Appteon’s DevSecOps strategy is a sustainable process that involves every member of the team, ensuring that everything they do is security-conscious. Because of the numerous of threats from multiple sources, the first line of defense must be users. Our strategy follows the DevSecOps Manifesto, using a security-first and always-on approach. It is developed so that protection is incorporated at a fundamental level, directly within the code.


DevSecOps is implemented step-by-step, uniting different teams such as Security, Operations, Development and Test. DevSecOps requires effective planning, design, and release, which will all work towards a common goal. In-house experts are leveraged to identify potential loopholes, design errors, and weak spots.


DevSecOps ensures that the software development lifecycle brings development operations and security together under one umbrella, ensuring the best product possible.