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Discover Apprenticeship: a Proven Solution for Your Workforce

As a business leader, you are driven to help move your company forward.

Why Tech Companies Should Offer Apprenticeships

A practical guide to understanding the value of apprenticeships, their structure and how they fill talent pipelines.

Work in Progress, How CEOs Are Helping Close America’s Skills Gap

As America continues to recover from the worst recession since the 1930s, our economic growth is hindered because the skills of today’s workers have not kept up with the requirements of current and future jobs.

Discover Apprenticeship: Information Technology

Information technology (IT) companies and businesses in sectors with significant IT requirements face complex workforce challenges keeping up with the demands of rapid technological advancements.

The Benefits and Costs of Apprenticeships: A Business Perspective From the U.S. Department of Commerce

Throughout the history of the United States, apprenticeships have been used as a way to provide workers with specific occupational skills and a deep foundation of applied knowledge.

Employer Partners provide a vital component that builds an exclusive relationship with our office and greatly benefits both apprentices and employers. By becoming an Employer Partner, Appteon can provide your organization with an increased level of exposure to a talented, diverse group of apprentices.

Apprenticeship Works Video Series

The Apprenticeship Works Video Series demonstrates how apprenticeship works for job seekers and employers. These videos feature apprentices with and without disabilities and their apprenticeship sponsors participating in inclusive apprenticeship programs in high-growth industries like information technology and healthcare. Videos are available in English and Spanish with full captioning and audio introduced versions.

Apprenticeship Sponsors

How #ApprenticeshipWorks for Recruits
Los Programas de Aprendizaje Funcionan — Patrocinadores
How #ApprenticeshipWorks for Sponsors — with Audio Introduction
Los Programas de Aprendizaje Funcionan — Patrocinadores

Frequently Asked Questions

Appteon is the program sponsor and therefore provides technical assistance on the registered apprenticeship process. We complete all required paperwork, follow-up on requirements, and answer questions. APPTEON also has a FT career coach who supports participants success in and beyond the program.

Middle-skill positions with high turnover is the best place to start. The average program length is one year. This makes the model a great recruitment option for positions with turnover or projected demand in the future. It’s not a great fit for positions with an immediate need.

Currently Appteon is securing grants to cover, or partially covers, the cost of related coursework and some of the Apprentices hourly wage during training. However, the employer should consider the cost of staff time for both properly planning and implementing this new initiative and training, supervising, and mentoring apprentices during on-the-job training.

Additionally, in order to make the initiative sustainable, Appteon encourages employers to consider using tuition assistance benefits to supplement costs of the training. This can also increase the number of apprentices trained.

Appteon has found that the most successful programs have clearly designated roles among staff and stakeholders and have at least monthly meetings/ conference calls to discuss current participants and plan for future cohorts.

  • Sign Employer Acceptance Agreement
  • Sign & complete Employer Acceptance Agreement Supplement Form
  • Review Generic Standards
  • Provide records of interview and selection documents to be kept on file
  • Provide records of evaluations and on-the-job training wage and hours
  • Additional documents will be requested for start-up of new programs

Other documents may be requested as-needed.

By agreeing to try an apprenticeship cohort, there is no obligation to a number of participants or to future cohorts.

We ask our employer partners to provide as much notice as possible regarding their interest in hosting a future participant so that Appteon can plan and budget accordingly. Failure to provide proper notice can result in Appteon not being able to fund the apprentice(s).

  • Improve productivity: Employees notice their employer’s investment in their professional growth
  • Minimize cost of staff turnover: According to the U.S. Department of Labor, 94% of apprentices nationally continue employment after completing an apprenticeship
  • Customize training curriculum: Partner with educational institutions to ensure workforce is equipped with the skills needed for work at your institution
  • Diversify your talent pool: Appteon’s program targets veterans, their spouses and woman interested in the IT industry
  • Recruit and develop a highly-skilled workforce