Registered Apprenticeship

Building long term partnerships for the future

At Appteon, Inc., we are committed to driving excellence in the workforce by facilitating the growth of Registered Apprenticeship (RA) programs. We understand the vital role these programs play in meeting industry demands and cultivating a skilled, world-class workforce.

As a testament to our dedication, since 2020, Appteon’s technical assistance as an USDOL Registered Apprenticeship Industry Intermediary is projected to lead to the registration of nearly 4,000 new apprentices in the fields of Information Technology and Cybersecurity, alone. These programs have not
only transformed the lives of apprentices but have also strengthened the workforce in communities throughout the country.

We couldn’t have achieved this without the valued partnership of our numerous employers and workforce partners. We are grateful for their commitment to the apprenticeship model and the significant contributions they’ve made towards a brighter future for our industry. As we continue to expand and evolve our efforts, we invite you to join us on this journey. Together, we can shape the workforce of tomorrow, provide high-quality jobs, and ensure the prosperity of these industries.

If you are an employer or a workforce partner seeking to enhance your talent pool and grow your business, don’t hesitate to reach out to the Appteon Apprenticeship Team. Our services, from outreach and program development to expert-level support and funding assistance, are provided at absolutely no cost.

To explore how Registered Apprenticeship can work for you and how our team can help, please contact us through the link below. Let’s forge a path towards a stronger, more skilled, and competitive workforce, ensuring that these industries thrive in the years to come.

Join us in revolutionizing apprenticeship and workforce development. Together, we can build a brighter future for our businesses, communities, and the country.

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Apprenticeship Guide for Individuals

Apprenticeship programs offer the opportunity to earn a salary
while learning the technical skills necessary to succeed in exciting,
high-demand professions.

Here are some of our industry partners:

Ready for a new technology career?  Become a software developer with Catalyte! Take our free online screening to discover if you have the potential to become a great technologist with Catalyte.  Participate in one of our free technology career programs and gain critical technical and interpersonal skills.  Start a paid tech apprenticeship where you can apply your talents on real projects as you continue to advance your skills.

Creating Coding Careers is the Front Door into Tech! Our nonprofit recruits, hires, and trains individuals all across America who may have otherwise felt a career in tech was unattainable.  We’re committed to enhancing lives and enriching local communities.  And by successfully placing highly trained, top-quality candidates at premier software companies, we are doing our part to reshape the tech industry to reflect the diversity of our communities.

Emerging Technology apprenticeships are the fastest-growing jobs in North America with a 71% growth rate. Emerging Technology apprentices to go from “green” to “great” through a program designed to build a career and future in Smart Infrastructures. We have the accreditation of a college with the flexibility and hands-on experience that gives students a competitive edge in employment and their future. Apprenticeships include: Automation Specialist, Systems Specialist, Application Specialist, Integration Design Specialist, Technology Project Specialist, Controls Specialist, and Cybersecurity Specialist.  Employers.

Franklin Apprenticeships produces candidates who are pre-qualified and ready to interview for jobs in the  tech industry. Our apprenticeship program includes: Cybersecurity Analyst, IBM Z Mainframe App Developer, IBMZ Mainframe Systems Admin, Help Desk Tech, Network Engineer, Software Engineer.  Employers hiring our apprentices include: Black Knight financial, IBM, MT&T bank, Evolve IP LLC, Fidelity National Information Systems, Gryphon Consulting, and more, with new employer partners added frequently.

IONnovate’s Nevada Software Developer Apprenticeship Program aims to serve employers who require software developers to have a Bachelor’s degree for employment.  Eligible candidates are required to have an AAS – Software Programming degree or equivalent.  Apprentices complete the remainder of their Bachelor’s program through Western Governors University while mastering essential technical and behavioral competencies on the job.  The IONnovate Nevada Software Developer Apprenticeship Program is competency-based and expected to take 1-2 years to complete.

KSE Consulting’s mission is to ensure underserved populations are not excluded from the high-paying opportunities that require a technical skillset rather than educational accolades. KSE is dedicated to providing in classroom and on-the-job training for individuals looking to build auditing and engineering skills in cybersecurity. We have a new registered apprenticeship program for Cybersecurity Support Technician with classes held on Saturdays in DC in person and remote options.

Want to start a career in Telecommunications?  Our Broadband Digital Installer program offers the opportunity to gain multiple industry certifications and access to a telecommunications tech career. The Learning Alliance apprenticeship program is designed with hands-on experience including climbing a 100ft Tower!  If you love working with your hands, this is for you.

There’s more than one way to a Lockheed Martin career! Apprenticeship opportunities are available for early and experienced workers from all walks of life.  Whether you’re a high school or college student, a military veteran or transitioning worker – we have an opportunity for you.  Our apprenticeships include software, cybersecurity, and engineering.  We invest in apprentices and equip them with the hands-on learning, mentoring, and training needed to thrive in a career.  Apprentices are valued members of our workforce and   are eligible for benefits.

MySecureKid is a nonprofit organization committed to closing the gap for cybersecurity and IT professionals.  We are increasing diversity in these fields by providing educational and career opportunities for all, creating clear career pathways into cybersecurity and IT.  MySecureKid students, ages 16-24, gain real-world experience in cybersecurity, tech, or healthcare-IT jobs. Youth from underserved communities are paired with cybersecurity and tech professionals who can guide them in choosing career paths and helping them develop soft skills needed in the workplace.  High school and college students can apply to work up to eight weeks with business or nonprofit partners to gain hands-on experience in IT and cybersecurity.

Net Synergy Virtual Solutions is focused on harnessing the power of unstructured or dissimilar data through the ETL process.  Our new apprenticeship program is for Software Developers, Logistician/Supply Chain analysts, Computer Support Specialists, and Cybersecurity Support Technicians. We focus on big data, ETL, big data integration, automation, databases, content migration, web data collection, robot development, kapow training, ruby, business intelligence, integration, web services, MySQL, SQL, XML, Saas, Linux, PHP, and Rest. apprenticeship program.

NetworkFort, Inc. deploys AI algorithms and machine learning techniques to provide greatest level of visibility with increased insight into the entire cybersecurity system.  Our team consists of highly experienced threat hunters, researchers, cybersecurity specialists, data analysts, IT and network security engineers, and UI engineers with global exposure in training and working on various cyber technologies.  We are beginning a new registered apprenticeship program to expand our career pathways into cybersecurity talent.

Want to get paid while learning digital and tech skills that can advance your career? New Apprenticeship program begins with an 8-12 weeks boot camp, 15-20 hours weekly, to prepare for full-time employment, and a 12-month apprenticeship working and gaining additional industry skills and certifications. Apprentices accelerate their tech careers through coaching, mentoring, and expert instruction.  Currently, all New Apprenticeship pre-employment bootcamp and apprenticeship programs are brought to you at no cost.  Programs include: Digital Marketing, IT ServiceNow, AWS Cloud, and Data Analytics. Employers hiring our apprentices include Infosys LTD, Black Rifle Coffee, Media Digital Source, Millennium PetroCapital Corporation, Okin BPS, Strista, Top Floor, and others.

Launch a Career in IT!  NPower’s tuition-FREE program offers all the skills and coaching you need to jumpstart your career in technology.  In our Tech Fundamentals program, you will master the basics of IT with real world application and credentials for entry-level positions such as Desktop Analyst, Business Analyst, and Junior Project Manager. The apprenticeship is based on a one-year commitment that includes 16 weeks of in-class instruction and credentials followed by paid on-the-job training and mentoring.  Employers hiring our apprentices include: CITI Bank & CITI Group, Corteva Agriscience con Info Consultants, and others.

Launch a new career in as little as 12 weeks!  Savvy Coders’ programs are available for anyone who wants to code.  A hands-on, virtual classroom experience with trained instructors working in the industry.  Our boot-camp style provides the skills employer need. Our grads are hired by great companies! Our results prove you can succeed.

ServiceSource is a leading nonprofit disability resource organization with programs and operations in 12 states and the District of Columbia. Our mission is to facilitate services, resources, and partnerships to support people with disabilities and others we serve, along with their families and caregivers in order to build more inclusive communities.  We have a variety of openings including a Direct Support Professional, Director of Business Development, Employment Readiness Specialist, and more. We are developing a new registered apprenticeship program in our Call Centers including Customer Service Rep and IT Generalist apprenticeships.

Smoothstack’s immersive training program kick starts IT careers and delivers a singular source of IT talent.  Across America, young, ambitious software engineers are ready to start their career in tech.  They have the raw skills, and they are ready to work hard – but they need formal experience, mentors, and access to top employers.  Does this sound like you?  Are you looking to convert desire and aptitude into a clear career path?  Shift into High Gear – Get trained.  Get placed.  All at no cost to you!

TranZed Apprenticeships is an innovative, nonprofit with a mission to change lives through nontraditional, modern Registered Apprenticeships.  All TranZed apprentices are employed full-time on day one and will receive a minimum of 2000 hours of on-the-job training through a TranZed Apprenticeships employer partner.  Current programs include:  IT Pro Levels I & II; Cyber Security Levels I & II; Therapeutic Behavioral Aide; Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA); Patient Care Technician. Employers hiring our grads include HCL America, Infosys, Morefield Communications, Southern Careers Institute, The Children’s Guild, University of Maryland Medical School.

The Inland Empire of Southern California is booming with more job vacancies than ever, without the skilled workers to hire.  Through the University of California, Riverside Extension Apprenticeship Program, you can receive job-based training and education while you’re getting paid to work in an IT, logistics, or advanced manufacturing role.  Our apprenticeship program is custom-made to fit your lifestyle and schedule.