Implementation Services

Applying multidisciplinary approach to accomplish enterprise mission

Appteon provides implementation services

Implementation can be difficult due to tight budgets, strict regulatory mandates, unforgiving marketplace forces, and high-performance standards. Achieving long-term success not only requires the knowledge, but also the know-how and insights. Backed by decades of subject matter and project management expertise, our implementation team will provide you a multidisciplinary approach built specifically for your organization and situation. We will anticipate all risks and opportunities for you, constantly, ensuring your project is on budget and on schedule.

Content Management

Content management is the process for collection, delivery, retrieval, governance, and overall management of information in any format, specifically digital. Appteon ensures that content is not only correctly stored and kept, but that content is used during critical moments to have maximum impact on stakeholders.

Grants Management

Appteon has years of Grants Management experience, assisting the Department of Labor with modernizing their RAPIDS Grant Management programs.

Workflow Management

Appteon has experience not in only creating workflows for new tasks and modernizations, but also adapting current workflows to meet new needs. Appteon maximizes efficiency and effectiveness of workflows through monitorization and constant adaptations.

Risk & Compliance

Appteon follows the Risk Management Framework Security Life Cycle and all corresponding government guidelines when dealing with Risk & Compliance. We then categorize all risks, select the security controls that are applicable, implement said security controls, assess the implementation of said controls, authorize correct users the proper access, then continuously monitor the entire system for new vulnerabilities, updated documentation, or any major changes.


Appteon has leveraged experience with Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and AI/ML technologies to build end-to-end Business Process automation and accelerate Digital Transformation. Our IA framework spans entire automation journey – discovery, business rules analysis, analytics, process orchestration, automation, and optimization. We have utilized ML concepts such as Pattern Recognition, Sentiment Analysis and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to enhance automation process and achieved significant gains in terms of cost reduction, increasing productivity, reducing turnaround time, and improving accuracy.