Workforce Solutions

Motivates today’s workforce and connects the dots between employee skill sets and strategic business goals

Registered Apprenticeship

If you are looking for opportunities to fast track your career, avoid debt, and earn competitive wages, an apprenticeship program can put you on that career pathway today.

Sponsor/Employee Partners

Apprenticeship is a cost-effective and proven solution to creating and retaining a specialized talent pipeline that supports your company's current and future success.

Educational Institutions/
Training Providers

Appteon partners with Educational Institutions and other Training Providers to develop the necessary instruction for Apprentices to learn the technical skills and earn the certifications to advance their IT Careers.

Workforce System and Other Service Providers

Many workforce systems around the country have adopted Registered Apprenticeship as an effective strategy that can help increase workers’ skills and retention, meet employers’ needs, and raise performance outcomes. The workforce system can help finance on-the-job training, related training instruction (RTI), and supportive services, if the individuals (apprentices or prospective apprentices) are eligible for services under the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA).
The 6th annual National Apprenticeship Week was a great success. Appteon joined other organizations and apprenticeship advocates from all 50 states to celebrate. This year there were over 650 events and proclamations made by 25 governors. Appteon hosted a conversation with 2 Cybersecurity Apprenticeship Intermediaries, CyberUp and Innovative Systems Group, to discuss the benefits of apprenticeship and how employers can join a partnership and utilize this effective model to build their talent pipeline.

For more information about partnering with Appteon to build your IT Apprenticeship at your company contact:

Joshua Harrold
Deputy Director, Workforce Development


Apprenticeship Expansion Modernization Fund (AEMF)

Appteon’s contract award under the AEMF is designed to provide foundational and tailored outreach and technical assistance to prospective and current registered apprenticeship program sponsors and other stakeholders to facilitate the development, implementation, and growth of registered apprenticeship programs. It also serves as innovation incubators by managing the development and dissemination of tools and strategies that hold promise to accelerate the expansion of registered apprenticeship

Expansion of Registered Apprenticeship through Industry Intermediaries (ERAP)

Appteon’s award as an Industry Intermediary under the ERAP contract will help further Registered Apprenticeship expansion strategies in high growth industries including information technology (IT), cybersecurity, telecommunications and 5G advanced manufacturing, hospitality, healthcare and health IT, transportation and logistics, and energy.