Anticipate, prepare and recover from cyber risks
Cybersecurity is now more necessary than ever. With constant threats to our national well-being – defense, energy, banking, transportation, and disaster recovery – an organization’s resilience to such attacks are more needed than ever. Appteon ensures that our solutions not only address these cybersecurity concerns, but also adapts to new situations and environments. We help organizations evolve their integrated security culture to address ALL aspects of security, including people, processes, systems, and technology alike.

Critical System Security

Consequences of a breach is must larger than before, with breaches affecting the technical, legal, financial, and reputation of an organization. Cyber resilience is about protecting the mission, ensuring a holistic approach is made to secure the digital and physical aspects of an organization.

Cyber Network Security

Cyber Network Security is a high priority, with increasing number of attacks as well as new types of attacks. To build and maintain cyber resilience, you need not only the best technologies to protect your networks, but also the insight and know-how from subject matter experts.

Cyber Operations

As attacks get more complicated and advanced, Cyber Operations ensures a complete holistic approach to defending yourself. Cyber Operations covers the entire scope of cyberspace and related operations, marrying different technical and non-technical subjects.

Application Security/DevSecOps

By integrating Appteon developers with other IT operations development teams, including Security principles and guidelines, we deliver safer software with greater speed and efficiency.