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Digital Transformation

Appteon implements smart solutions quickly, ensuring we meet your enterprise goals in the digital age. Appteon is a partner that understands your business needs and context, and knows how to develop systems quickly, to ensure you deliver on your mission. We are the partner that combines the best of analytics, industry expertise, and enterprise technologies, who builds agile solutions that evolve to meet your changing needs.


Cybersecurity is now more necessary than ever. With constant threats to our national well-being – defense, energy, banking, transportation, and disaster recovery – an organization’s resilience to such attacks are more needed than ever. Appteon ensures that our solutions not only address these cybersecurity concerns, but also adapts to new situations and environments.


Data is everywhere in today’s business environment. Organizations need to improve their means and processes to harness this data to make more informed business decisions. Appteon leverages leading-edge analytics and cloud technologies to design and implement solutions that ingest, store, organize, and transfer data to business users. Our approach harvests data from enterprise systems and data repositories, while integrating with external sources.

Agile & DevSecops

At Appteon, we deliver digital services that leverage the latest industry best practices and guidelines to improve an organization’s digital strategy. Our agile process fosters enhanced communication and collaboration with constituents and with industry and agency personnel, further driving transparency, collaboration, and ensures the customer gets a product they want.


Enterprise Services

With so much data and information being exchanged and utilized, organizations now require Enterprise Services to ensure that solutions are efficient and effective. Appteon’s Enterprise Services provides mission-enabling, shared-services solutions that are easily replicable and work in multiple environments. By leveraging Enterprise Services’ shared service model, individual departments can focus on their unique missions and goals.

Advisory Services

With changing times comes changing expectations, and customers expectations are increasing constantly as technology and industries change over time. Appteon ensures that we not only meet these expectations, but exceed them by future-proofing and ensuring replicability of modules. Whereas most companies only assist with the typical mapping phase, our team will help you execute the strategy and bring your vision to fruition.

Implementation Services

Implementation can be difficult due to tight budgets, strict regulatory mandates, unforgiving marketplace forces, and high-performance standards. To achieve long-term success, you must not only take all these factors into consideration but the environments as well. With our subject matter experts and project management expertise, we have implementation specialists who will provide all the necessary insights and direction to ensure that your project is developed and implemented for your specific situations, ensuring success.

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