Apprenticeship Expansion and Modernization Fund

Building bridges for tomorrows Workforce


Appteon has been supporting the US Department of Labor Office of Apprenticeship with innovative technology solutions for over five years and has been given the unique opportunity under the AEMF contract to provide technology solutions as well as program solutions. We will be creating modern, cloud-based applications to better serve the OA staff and the greater workforce system. We will also be expanding the number of Registered Apprenticeship Programs (RAP) and Apprentices enrolled in Apprenticeships.

Program Solutions

We will be expanding Registered Apprenticeships through Appteon’s own in-house RAP.

Appteon will also be expanding Apprenticeship by establishing a technology-based RAP for training apprentices in IT skill-sets to help fill the workforce skill-gaps in the IT industry. Not only will we be hiring our own apprentices, but we will also seek out other small IT firms in the Washington, DC area to participate as a partner in the program. IT continues to be a growing industry, even in light of the challenging economic times, and finding enough qualified skilled workers for this industry is a recognized challenge. Appteon will look to identify and engage underrepresented populations, such as women, veterans, and spouses of veterans, to participate in this program. Appteon will also engage with stakeholders in local workforce systems and Department of Labor Veteran’s Employment and Training Service (VETS) Office to identify candidates. Appteon will bring in up to 20 of our own apprentices through our RAP.

Technology Modernization

Outside of expanding Registered Apprenticeships, Appteon will also modernize apprenticeships through a few technical solutions; a Verify My Apprenticeship (VMA) tool, and an Apprenticeable Occupation Request (AOR) tool to streamline the process whereby new apprenticeable occupation are created.
Appteon Completion Certificate Registry will allow sponsors, employers, and apprentices to independently verify apprentices’ completion credentials by using a self-service tool available via a public-facing search interface. This registry will play a valued role in apprentice being able to validate and promote their credentials which is important to the progression of their careers.
Another technology solution that Appteon will be delivering under the AEMF contract is creating an Apprenticeability Tool, which will be based on Business Process Model Technology (BPMS). Appteon will streamline and modernize this process by building an online platform that will rely on an electronic-based workflow versus a paper-based workflow. Greater visibility to the average stakeholder will be available through an integration with, where users will be able to see which occupations are currently available, which are in the pipeline, and which occupations are being updated. Industry reviewers will be invited to comment on and suggest edits to occupations under consideration, which will be vital to industries where new occupations are being created and standards are continually changing.